Programme - September 2002 - June 2003

Tuesday 10th September 2002
“To Be Decided”
Nick Després FRPS
We welcome Nick Després who visits us from Guernsey. Best known for his evocative seascapes Nick is accomplished in many areas of photography which includes awards in the British Gas Wildlife Competition. His skill and success has made him one of the best talents in the United Kingdom.

Tuesday 24th September 2002
Members Print and Slide Competition
The first of the annual print and slide competitions and we welcome our judge from Kingston C.C.
Judge: Ann Smith ARPS

Tuesday 8th October 2002
“Sandstone Safari – In search of Bansi Pink”
Monica Weller ARPS
Monica has turned her talents to photojournalism in the last few years and has achieved outstanding success with articles in numerous daily newspapers and magazines. Tonight she tell us of her journey to India to research one of the gardens to be shown at the Hampton Court Flower Show in 2001 which used the famous Indian Pink Sandstone. The story of the garden was also featured in a BBC documentary.

Tuesday 22nd October 2002
The Arthur Mole Memorial Lecture
“Dragon’s Mind’s Eye”
Margaret Salisbury FRPS EFIAP APAGB
For the Memorial Lecture we welcome one of the outstanding female photographers of our time. Hailing from her native North Wales, Margaret will show us her prints that demonstrate her unique style and vision. Margaret is a former Chairman of the London Salon and Joint Chairman of the Royal Photographic Society Licentiate Panel.

Tuesday 29th October 2002
“Look Where You Tread” & “Winter in Purbeck”
Bert Wason FRPS
We host this additional lecture to welcome Bert Wason from Dorset. Bert is an outstanding natural history photographer and tonight will show us the stunning examples of his skill with a camera. The first half of the evening will take a close up look at the nature under our feet and this will be followed by a look at the winter months on the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset, the area in which Bert lives.

Tuesday 12th November 2002
“From Snaps to Digital”
Colin Harrison FRPS MPAGB
Hailing from Oxford, Colin will show us a selection of his work which will include traditional photography as well as digital imaging. Colin is a leading exhibition photographer and his work is regularly featured in any major event. His success with the camera will become evident to all those that see his wonderful images.

Tuesday 26th November 2002
SPA – Inter Club Competition
Our opponents for this evening are CAPEL C.C. Come and support the club on this important evening. We welcome our judge from Southampton C.C.

Saturday 30th November 2002
Concorde Trophy
Molesey host the annual Concorde Trophy at the Mole Hall. This is one of the areas longest running competitions which was initially organised by British Aerospace Photographic Society. That club no longer exists but the Trophy continues to be held annually and hosted by the competing clubs in rotation. We welcome our judge from Amersham C.C.
Judge: Vic Attfield FRPS MPAGB

Tuesday 10th December 2002
“Christmas its a knock out”
Followed by a little Christmas cheer:
Members can bring up to three enprint panels, three prints and three slides. Two prints or slides will be shown together and the audience votes to decide the winner on a knock out basis. A fun evening with prizes, the evening being impartially refereed by our own Tom Davie ARPS and Phil Peddy ARPS.

Tuesday 14th January 2003
England v The United States
Molesey versus Milbrae Camera Club California in a return of the friendly slide competition.
Thirty-five slides per side. The slides will also be sent to Milbrae and they will judge the slides to see who comes out as the aggregate winner. A chance to see the styles and work from the other side of the Atlantic.
Judge: Paul Foley FRPS MPAGB

Tuesday 28th January 2003
Members Print and Slide Competition.
The second of the annual print and slide competitions and we welcome the return of our judge from Selsdon.
Judge: Vic Smith

Tuesday 11th February 2003
“David Wheeler – Unplugged”
Dave Wheeler FRPS
Dave Wheeler is the youngest ever to achieve the Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society at 23 years of age. Since that day he has become a leader in the field of pictorial colour photography with numerous national and international success. An evening not to be missed.

Tuesday 25th February 2003
Members Print and Slide Competition.
The third of the annual print and slide competitions we welcome our judge from Selsdon.
Judge: Mike Chambers ARPS MPAGB EFIAP

Tuesday 11th March 2003
“A View with Some Room”
Vic Attfield FRPS MPAGB
We welcome one of the best known pictorial photographers in the country. Vic works exclusively in monochrome prints and his unique style has set him apart from many other practitioners of the art. As a long time member of the London Salon, the home of pictorial photography, he is sure to excite us with his images.

Tuesday 25th March 2003
“Observation & Interpretation”
John who joins us this evening from Ashford, Kent, is an exciting photographer using the medium of both colour slides and monochrome prints. Tonight he will entertain is with his colour slides which uniquely demonstrate his own individual vision as a photographer

Tuesday 8th April 2003
Steve Boyle ARPS
We have a welcome return of Steve, who joins us from Brighton. He is one of the leading new talents in the area of pictorial monochrome printing and has his own unique vision. Add to this his humour and skill as a lecturer and we are bound to have another evening to remember.

Tuesday 22nd April 2003
Three Slides on a Theme
Members can enter up to three sets of slides on a related theme. We welcome a return visit from our judge from Cheam C.C.
Judge: John Tween LRPS LBIPP

Tuesday 29th April 2003
Members Evening:
Members are invited to give a 10-15 minute talk on their work in either prints or slides. A chance to show your photographs amongst friends. We need support from the members for this evening so get in early and book your spot. First come first served. Contact the secretary to participate.

Tuesday 13th May 2003
Members Print and Slide Competition.
The fourth of the annual print and slide competitions and we welcome our judge from Richmond and Twickenham P.S.
Judge: Jay Charnock ARPS

Tuesday 20th May 2003
“From Mono Associate to Digital Fellow”
Alan Thompson FRPS
We have the pleasure of seeing the fine prints of Alan who has recently joined the club. Alan will show us his conventional darkroom prints using traditional monochrome processes as well as the creative use of lith. This will then be followed with his transition to digital imaging, which culminated in his achievement of a Visual Arts fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society in May 2002.

Tuesday 10th June 2003
The Annual General Meeting
Followed by a showing of the Exhibition slides

Friday 13th to Sunday 15th June 2003
The Annual Exhibition

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