Programme - September 2001 - June 2002

Tuesday 11th September 2001
Members Prints and Slide Evening. A Chance to show some of your photographs which you have taken during the summer with observations from senior club members.

Tuesday 25th September 2001
The Arthur Mole memorial lecture
"A Place in Kenya"
Roy Place FRPS
We welcome Roy all the way from Walsall. Roy is one of the United Kingdoms most successful nature photographers. He will show us his inspirational photography from Kenya. We are delighted to have a very special speaker for this first Memorial Lecture.

Tuesday 9th October 2001
Members Print and Slide Competition. The first of the annual print and slide competitions and we welcome the return of our judge from Selsdon C.C.

Tuesday 23rd October 2001
"Chasing the light"
We welcome local photographer Peter Symes for his first visit. Tonight Peter will show us his photographs, which have made him such a sensitive landscape photographer. His images will inspire us all to look and the landscape in a different way and appreciate the elements and the light.

Tuesday 13th November 2001
Surrey Federation KO: our opponents for this evening are Whitton C. C. Come and support the club on this important evening. We welcome our judge from Field End P.S.

Tuesday 27th November 2001
"Malaysia above and below the waves"
A lecture from Frank who is a Molesey P.C. member. He will show us his underwater photography in Malaysian water before returning us to dry land to show us the Malaysian country and way of life.

Tuesday 11th December 2001
Christmas its a knock out followed by a little Christmas cheer Members can bring up to three en-print panels, three prints and three slides. Two prints or slides will be shown together and the audience votes to decide the winner on a knock out basis. A fun evening with prizes.

Tuesday 8th January 2002
Members Print and Slide Competition. The second of the annual print and slide competitions and we welcome a new judge from Guilford C.C. for his first visit
Judge: Walter BENZIE

Tuesday 22nd January 2002
England v The United States
Molesey versus Milbrae Camera Club California
Thirty-five slides per side. The slides will also be sent to Milbrae and they will judge the slide to see who comes out as the aggregate winner. A chance to see the styles and work from the other side of the Atlantic and appreciate different approaches and the different subject matter.
Judge: Mrs Lucilla PHELPS FRPS ABIPP (R&TPS)

Tuesday 12th February 2002
"An alternative view"
We welcome our speaker from Sevenoaks C.C. on her first visit to the club. Her stunning prints are sure to leave everyone with nothing but admiration at the skill and artistry of her photography.

Tuesday 26th February 2002
Members Print and Slide Competition. The third of the annual print and slide competitions we welcome our judge new to the list from Old Coulsden C.C.
Judge: Hazel SIMPSON

Tuesday 12th March 2002
"From Ifrochrome to Inkjet"
We welcome one of Kent's most influential photographers who will talk to us about his transition from darkroom printing to the Digital print production. Les is a renowned colour printer and his work will inspire us all

Tuesday 26th March 2002
"Points of Interest"
Chris Palmer ARPS DPAGB
A return visit from Chris who judged for us earlier in the year. Tonight he will show us his outstanding photography and we can all not only enjoy his wonderful images but also learn much more about his approach to picture making.

Tuesday 9th April 2002
"Naked photographer"
Jack Bates FRPS
A first visit from Jack Bates who is well known for his creative and innovative photography. Tonight we are able to see a large selection of his prints. These print will include colour and monochrome work all of which will inspire and spark the imagination.

Tuesday 16th April 2002
A chance to see the selected transparencies in the SPA Biennial Exhibition. The slides shown with commentary will show the outstanding talent that is to be to be found in the SPA

Tuesday 23rd April 2002
Members Print and Slide Competition. The fourth of the annual print and slide competitions and we welcome our judge from Selsdon C.C. on his first visit to Molesey
Judge: Martin FAIERS

Tuesday 14th May 2002
Three Slides on a Theme.
Members can enter up to three sets of slides on a related theme. We welcome a return visit from our judge from Yately C.C.

Tuesday 28th May 2002
"Simply Personal"
A welcome return from Paul who will be showing his latest lecture. He is one of the most sensitive landscape photographers in the UK with his unique individual vision. He is a renowned photographer and we are guaranteed a wonderful evenings photography

Tuesday 11th June 2002
The Annual General meeting
Come a discuss how the club has performed and its future direction. Remember this is a most important meeting enjoy a showing of exhibition slides after the meeting

Friday 14th June 2001 & Saturday 15th June 2002
The Annual Exhibition

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