Programme - September 2000 - June 2001

Tuesday 12th September 2000
Members Prints and Slide Evening. A Chance to show some of the photographs taken during the Summer.

Tuesday 26th September 2000
"An Evening with Rex Bamber"
We welcome Rex to Molesey on his first visit and look forward to viewing his excellent prints. Rex is a member of Croydon CC and a former member of the RPS Applied associate and fellowship panel

Tuesday 10th October 2000
Members Print and Slide Competition. The first of the annual print and slide competitions we welcome our judge from Cranliegh Camera Club.

Tuesday 24th October 2000
"An Evening with Mike and Christine Chambers"
Mike and Christine CHAMBERS
Always a welcome visitor to the club Mike brings his wife Christine who will show us her wonderful artistry in print making. Mike will follow this with slides of the Arctic. Selsdon C.C.

Tuesday 14th November 2000
"Ven DODGE - Print finishing and manipulation"
Ven is back this season to show us how he produces his magnificent architectural and record prints. He will explain all of the advance printing techniques involved as well as giving a practical demonstration of retouching. See the master at work. Guildford C.C.

Tuesday 28th November 2000
Surrey Federation KO: our opponents for this evening are CHEAM C.C. Come and support the club on this important evening. We welcome our judge from Bookham C.C.
Judge: Monica WELLER ARPS - Bookham C.C.

Tuesday 12th December 2000
Christmas its a knock out followed by a little Christmas cheer Members can bring up to three enprint panels, three prints and three slides. Two prints or slides will be shown together and the audience votes to decide the winner on a knock out basis. A fun evening with prizes, the evening being impartially refereed by our own Tom DAVIE ARPS and Phil PEDDY ARPS.

Tuesday 9th January 2001
Members Print and Slide Competition. The second of the annual print and slide competitions and we welcome the return of our judge from Woking P.S.
Judge: Tony CHARTERS - Woking P.S.

Tuesday 23rd January 2001
England v The United States
Molesey versus Milbrae Camera Club California in a return of the friendly slide competition.
Thirty-five slides per side. The slides will also be sent to Milbrae and they will judge the slide to see who comes out as the aggregate winner. A chance to see the styles and work from the other side of the Atlantic.
Judge: Monica WELLER ARPS - Bookham C.C.

Tuesday 13th February 2000
"How Underwater photographs are taken"
The first visit to Molesey by this top underwater photographer. Anne recently achieved the fellowship of the RPS with her underwater photographs. Tonight she will give us a fascinating insight into how it's done and show us the wonderful results. Woking P. S.

Tuesday 27th February 2001
Members Print and Slide Competition. The third of the annual print and slide competitions we welcome our judge new to the list from Woking P.S.
Judge John PAGE LRPS - Woking P. S.

Tuesday 13th March 2001
"Peddaling the Mono-Cycle"

The first visit to Molesey by this wonderful monochrome photographer. Steve has a unique style and a wonderful sense of humour as well. He is sure to delight us with his superb images. So be sure to be there as this will be a great night and one not to miss. Brighton & Hove P. S.

Tuesday 27th March 2001
Members Print and Slide Competition. The fourth of the annual print and slide competitions and we welcome our judge from Croydon C.C.
Judge: Rex BAMBER FRPS - Croydon C.C.

Tuesday 10th April 2001
"The fine art of photography"
The first visit to Molesey by this professional photographer. Lucilla is one of the senior photographers at Sotheby's and her specialist field is photographic silver and fine art objects. Tonight she will give us all an insight to how she achieves such wonderful images

Tuesday 24th April 2001
"Aspects of Africa 3"
A return visit to Molesey from these two top nature photographers. Tonight they will enthral us with their audio-visual presentation on Africa. Always a night of great photography, come and see how it is done by these photographic masters. Capel C.C.

Tuesday 8th May 2001
Three Slides on a Theme. Members can enter up to three sets of slides on a related theme. We welcome a return visit from our judge from Kingston C.C.
Judge: Betty BREWER - Kingston C.C.

Tuesday 22nd May 2001
"The Seeing Eye"
We are privileged to welcome this leading photographer to the club. Roy has a unique and distinctive style that places him apart from any other photographer. His keen eye and appreciation of the correct moment to take his photographs allows him to produce some of the finest individual prints we will ever be likely to see at the club. Roy is a member of the London Salon, and has recently retired from the RPS Licentiate Panel after many years. Carshalton C.C.

Tuesday 12th June 2001
The Annual General meeting
Followed by a showing of the exhibition slides

Friday 15th June 2001 & Saturday 16th June 2001
The annual exhibition

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