Best Slide

The Casita Plate for The Best Slide In The Exhibition

1988 - Roger Reynolds FRPS
1989 - Peter Chamberlain
1990 - Roger Reynolds FRPS
1991 - John Key
1992 - Roger Reynolds FRPS
1993 - Roger Reynolds FRPS
1994 - Phil Peddy ARPS
1995 - Rosemary Wilman LRPS
1996 - Roger Reynolds FRPS APAGB
1997 - Hazel Stephenson
1998 - Rosemary Wilman ARPS
1999 - Malcolm Keene ARPS
2000 - Roger Reynolds FRPS APAGB FBPE
2001 - Susan Hill FRPS EFIAP MPAGB
2002 - Susan Hill FRPS EFIAP MPAGB
2003 - Carole Speight ARPS DPAGB
2004 - Susan Hill FRPS EFIAP MPAGB
2005 - Rosemary Wilman ARPS BPE4*
2006 - Philip Quarry FRPS
2007 - Roger Reynolds HonFRPS APAGB FBPE FBPPA
2008 - Roger Reynolds HonFRPS APAGB FBPE FBPPA
2009 - Roger Creber ARPS DPAGB
2010 - Philip Quarry FRPS
2011 - Roger Creber ARPS AFIAP DPAGB


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Monochrome Print Award

Nature Print Award

Pictorial Print Award

Photo-Travel Print Award

Creative Print Award

Mankind Print Award

Advanced Group Print Award

Intermediate Print Award

Beginners Group Print Award

Best En-Print Panel


Best Digital Award

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Best Intermediate Class Digital Award

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Best Slide

Nature Slide Award

Photo-Travel Slide Award

Pictorial Slide Award

Creative Slide Award

Mankind Slide Award

Advanced Group Slide Award

Intermediate Slide Award

Beginners Group Slide Award

3 Slides on a Theme Award


Image on a Theme

Image on a Theme (Club)

Outstanding Achievement